Ivan Savvidi put forward an initiative to create «Foundation of Russian National Unity»

An idea to create this foundation was set forward during the report on the meeting of the Coordination Council of National Policy Implementation under the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation, in the frameworks of exhibition-forum «Multinational Russia» on 17th of November.

Due to abolishment of Ministry of Regional Development all issues concerning national policy are conveyed to Ministry of Culture, which became initiator and coordinator of the Federal special purpose programme «Consolidation of unity of Russian Nation and ethno-cultural development of Russian nations (2014-2020) ».

Ivan Savvidi, president of Federal National-Cultural Autonomy of Russian Greeks, in the course of his speech, emphasized: «Interethnic diversity of national cultures and poly-confessional spiritual environment should not be a destabilizing factor and a source of extremism, but an advantage of Russia to other states, some kind of platform for building a dialogue between people, both within the country and abroad. And we, the representatives of the Federal National-Cultural Autonomies can be actively involved in many important national goals. "

According to him, one of the most important tools of national policy implementation could be "Foundation of Russian National Unity» aimed to support the implementation of important ethnic and cultural projects. The Foundation may be formed both by the private and public funds and must be under the control of the Ministry of Culture.