Ivan Savvidi congratulated Rostov Greeks on «Ochi Day».

On 25th of October in the Don State Public Library took place a solemn event dedicated to the memorable day of the Greek history - the "Ochi Day."

For ten years cultural and educational society of Don and Azov Greeks "Tanais" has been gathering guests to honour memory of compatriots who were able to tell a brave "Ochi" - "No" in response to Nazi proposal to hand over their positions in 1940. This year, the meeting place became the Don State Public Library.

Provost Novocherkassk County, AGOOR confessor Archpriest Oleg Dobrinskii-Grigoriadis, Consul General of Greece in Novorossiysk Fragiskos Kostellenos, head of the socio-political communications of the Government of the Rostov region Vladimir Nekrasov, as well as President of the Federal National Cultural Autonomy of Russian Greeks Ivan Savvidi came to congratulate Greeks of Don with a memorable holiday.

In his welcome speech, Ivan Savvidi reminded the long memory of all patriots who gave their lives for the freedom of Greece.

"Remembering of all that heroes who had laid down their lives for the freedom of their native land, for the victory over fascism, in our difficult and politically uneasy time we must remember today, how many ills, misery, human suffering come with war, evil and violence. We have to do everything possible to prevent new bloodshed and wars, to preserve such a fragile but vital world ", - said Ivan Savvidi.

Organizers of event have tried to do everything to make holiday interesting and memorable for all the guests.

There were represented souvenir fair by Greek master Mary Dzhartinidis in the lobby; exhibition of paintings by the Greek artist Elena Eminova; exhibition of printed materials of Greek society- 54 issue of the newspaper «Tanais», a new booklet «Don Greek», «Children of Don nations»; master class on Greek dances, conducted by Nikos Simonov.

On the second floor holiday guests could see a photo exhibition of the contest «Greece sings in my soul», which was attended by 17 photographers from Rostov-on-Don, Pyatigorsk, Azov, Sochi. Also there was an exhibition of books on the subject of Greek funds Don State Public Library.

Solemn ceremony began with patriotic performance of Theatre of Greek National Culture "Hellas" of the «Tanais» society. There were poems both in Russian and Greek performed by pupils of children's weekend school «Tanais», Greece anthem and ceremonial lighting of the symbolic fire in memory of patriots.

After the official part was an awarding ceremony for participants of web academic competitions «Orthodox shrines of Greece» and «Rostov-on-Don is a sister city of Volos: friendship, proven over the years » and photo contest «Greece sings in my soul.»

The day ended with the inauguration of the Greek Film Festival II, which took place in parallel with a round table with the participation of President FNKAGR II Savvidi, Consul General of Greece in Novorossiysk Mr. F. Kostellenosa, representatives of the Government of Rostov region, the Administration of Rostov-on-Don, public and scientific clerisy of the city.