Church of the Annunciation was crowned with roods

On 12th October Sunday hundreds of citizens of Rostov-on-Don visited a unique event-consecrating and installation of holy roods on the domes of the building Church of the Annunciation.

Exaltation of roods is considered to be one of the most important events for any church.

For Church of the Annunciation were made special roods, which history had started on the Mount Athos in Greece. It was Mount Athos where geronta Arsenium made a project of the Main Church rood. Wooden rood made by sample in Athos Monastery, was set at the dome of the church for some time to proof Byzantine canonicity.

And only after that proof an order for permanent roods was sent to the craftsmen of one manufactory located near Moscow. Roods are made of stainless steel and covered with gold- as for today it is one of the most reliable techniques that guarantee safety for years.

Height of the main rood is 2, 2 meters.

Festive liturgy in the Church was held by metropolitan Mercury of Rostov and Novocherkassk. After the liturgy was that long-desired and joyful event-exaltation of roods on the domes of the church.

"I think that the Church is one of the best gifts for our city- said Ivan Savvidi- founder of the Charitable Foundation and initiator of the Church building.-We hope that it will not only spiritually enrich thousands of Orthodox Christians but also will be popular place among citizens of the city and tourists, and adorn city. We put not only our financial resources into this project, but also our love. The consecration of roods is a significant, tremulous event for each of us. This is that very way to reinforce the base of our Orthodoxy.

I hope that these roods will adorn and protect our city for ages".

Building of the Orthodox Church of the Annunciation- is a gift from Greek Diaspora and the «Charitable Foundation of Ivan Savvidi». Building is constructed in honour of an old Annunciation Church that was built by public subscription in 1907.

Modern Church of Annunciation of 28 meters high is made in Byzantine style. One of his peculiarities is a Byzantine masonry: walls are made of interchanging stone and ceramic bricks, which form beautiful polyfoil. According to experts this building is going to be a monument of architecture. Gennady Schevchenko is a main project manager.

Decoration works are in process today in the building. Recently were set unique mosaic icons that were handworked in manufactory of covent of the Virgin Mary in Attic, Greece.

Citizens of the city take active part in reconstruction of the Church. Church people brought household gods, ancient icons, many people donate money. The Church is opened for people. Several services have already held there despite that fact that decoration works are in progress.

Historical reference

An old Annunciation Church was built in 1907. It underwent many changes over the years. In 1930s the church was closed, and a service station for children was placed there. During the World War II church was opened again, but in 1959 the building was rendered for classrooms of school №7. In 1967 the Church knocked down, and the Puppet Theatre was built there.

When the question of the Church reconstruction was posed, city authorities decided to allocate a new territory near the Don Public library, instead of relocate the Puppet Theatre.

In 2007 this place was consecrated in front of Metropolitan of Rostov and Novocherkassk Panteliemon, representatives of clergy, Rostov authorities and citizens of the city. This project was blessed by Patriarch of Russia Aleksey II, who promised to consecrate the Church in his person after the end of works.