Ivan Savvidi: « We can be sure that all demands of the repatriates will be fulfilled».

Issues of pension protection of Greeks-repatriates were one of the main subjects during the series of meetings of Ivan Savvidi - President of the Federal National Autonomy of Greeks with the representatives of newly elected government of Greece.

Settlement of problems of the pensioners-repatriates of countries of the Former Soviet Union was one of the points of the pre-election campaign of the SYRIZA and «The Independent Greeks», who came to power as the result of recent elections in Greece.

According to the law № 4093 adopted by the Greek Parliament in November 2012, repatriates of the pension age living in Greece less than 20 years were deprived of minimal pension benefits and were on the edge of starvation.

In the course of his report in Greek parliament in May 2014 Ivan Savvidi said:

«We realize that today all citizens of Greece experience hard consequences of economic crisis that hit the whole country. But at the same time we can’t accept the law that discriminates the rights of one part of Greece population- Greeks –repatriates of the pension age. This law violates of one the main rights of a citizen- the right to live».

Proposals concerning the scheme of formation of pension recovery for repatriates were offered at various times. For example: some remittals of contributions which were paid to the country’s budget during working life of repatriates in Greece; holding negotiations concerning ratification of intergovernmental agreements between Greece and countries of the Former Soviet Union. But until quite recently there wasn’t any dynamics in the settlement of this problem.

According to Ivan Savvidi, the constructive dialogue about pension recovery with the new government of Greece gives confidence that all demands of the repatriates will be fulfilled. He said: «Leaders of both political parties which came to the Greek parliament assured me that this urgent problem would be solved in the near future. »