Meeting of Leaders of Greek Diasporas of the Countries of the Former Soviet Union took place in Chisinau

Meeting was held by the initiative of Ivan Savvidi, the President of the Federal National- Cultural Autonomy of Greeks in Russia.

Representatives of Federations of Greeks from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kirghizia, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Moldova came together in Chisinau. Greek community «Ελευθερία» became the host of the meeting.

The participants of the meeting discussed main aspects of work of SAE of the countries of the Former Soviet Union in 2014 and outlined strategic plans for the future.

Ivan Savvidi in his opening speech said: «Coordination Council takes place at difficult time for our nation- Greece goes through the change of political course and economic crisis. Greek Diaspora of the Former Soviet Union with a sore heart watches the faith of our compatriots in south-eastern Ukraine and misery of Greek repatriates left without means of subsistence. In such moments becomes quite obvious the necessity of consolidation of Greek nation and search of idea of national unity based on Orthodox values, cultural heritage, commonness of mentality, readiness for mutual help. Discussing some perspectives of the development of Greek movement of the Former Soviet countries we should clearly understand that we have count only upon ourselves. Evident impotence of SAE as an organization that aimed at association of interests of Greeks abroad, doesn’t allow sitting idle. »

Aid for Greek Diaspora of Ukraine became one of the most important issues of the meeting. President of the Greek Federation of Ukraine Alexandra Protsenko-Pichadji told about hardships of Greeks from south-eastern Ukraine, and expressed gratitude to all who helped and keep on helping distressed people of Donbas. Particularly she emphasized a big role of Ivan Savvidi in humanitarian assistance. «I don’t want judge someone’s political views, I have only one party- it’s «Greek» party, given that thousands of Greeks are in the zone of conflict now,- said Alexandra Protsenko- and we have to do everything to finish this war.»