Letter of gratitude to the Chairman of the National Assemble on the occasion of acceptance of resolution of recognition and denunciation of the Pontic genocide in Ottoman Turkey


Of the National Assembly of Armenia

Galust Saakyan

Dear Galust Grigorievich!

Let me on behalf of Greeks of the Former Soviet Union Countries and myself express profound gratitude to the deputies of the National Assembly of Armenia, who voted on all hands for the resolution of recognition and denunciation of the Pontic genocide in Ottoman Turkey.

Without any doubts this event will be a historic one for Greece and the whole Greek nation.

Pontic Greeks received this news with peculiar feeling, given that more than 1,5 million of Greeks became victims of that tragedy in Asia Minor. 100 years have passed since that awful time, but our pain and sorrow are still beyond words.

We are grateful to all people who took part in the preparing of resolution, and those who took responsibility for its acceptance. And we want to emphasize special merits in solution of this complicated question of Edward Sharmazanov, the vice-speaker of the Armenian Parliament.

I’m sure that analysis, recognition and denunciation of past mistakes- is the pledge of peaceful coexistence of nations in present times and prevention of such catastrophes in future.

I think it is quite symbolic that decision of the Armenian Parliament was made ahead of centenary of Armenian Genocide and national holiday of Greece- Independence day.

The fact of unanimous passage of this resolution by members of Parliament Greeks consider as the will expression of the whole Armenian nation.

I am sure that this event became one more common denominator for our fraternal nations.


Ivan Savvidi,

President of the National Cultural Autonomy of Greeks in Russia, Coordinator of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) of the countries of the Former Soviet Union.