«Charitable Foundation of Ivan Savvidi» and Kapodistrias Athens State University Came to a Long-term Relationship Agreement

Meeting of the founder of the Foundation Ivan Savvidi with the head of Kapodistrias Athens State University Melitios Dimopulos took place on 11th of May, Saints Cyril and Methodius' Day.

Month ago Charitable Foundation declared financial support of the Slavic Languages Department, which was under the threat of closing because of financial problems. In the frameworks of the contract the Foundation entered into engages to provide realization of the department’s curriculum and popularization of the Russian language and culture in Greece.

At the meeting Ivan Savvidi said that it was just first step of the long-term relationship with the university. “The first president of Greece- ex-minister of culture of Russia Ioannis Kapodistrias was Russian native-speaker, so we, Greeks of countries of the Former Soviet Union have to maintain and develop Russian-Greek ties. We cannot but answer a request for help of the Slavic Languages Department, which main direction is teaching of Russian language”, - he said.

Melitos Dimopulos thanked Ivan Savvidi for the support and emphasized that this cooperation has a special significance in the light of preparation for the Russian-Greece Bilateral Year.

Parties agreed that a frame agreement would be signed in the near future. It implies long-term relations aimed at organization of events for cultural exchange, conferences, and seminars for scholars, teachers and students. Kapodistrias Athens State University expressed an interest in cooperation with Russian Southern State University.


Kapodistrias Athens State University was founded in 1837 and it is the oldest institution in Greece. Today it is the second-largest university in the country: number of students more than 50 thousand. Universities activities are aimed at diversified international cooperation. Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation was declared Doctor Honoris of the University in 2001.

Slavic languages Department of Kapodistrias Athens State University was founded in 2007 as a part of the faculty of philosophy. Today 305 students study there. The curriculum of the department includes range of subjects of common Slavic importance: introduction to Slavic history and culture, Slavic philology, history of Eastern Europe, Byzantine and Slavic world, history of Balkans, Old Slavonic, and introduction to Old Slavic alphabet.

There is a wide range of courses in Russian philology: Russian language, theory and practice of translation, practical stylistic. Learning of Russian language is accompanied by courses in Russian history, Russian literature and philosophy. Also Ukrainian and Bulgarian languages are taught there.

2016 is claimed as Russian-Greece Bilateral Year. Common events in spheres of education, linguistic, science, cultural heritage, art and sports are included into the program of cultural exchange.