Ivan Savvidi Was Awarded for the Contribution into Development of Pontic Hellenism

An awards ceremony took place in the frameworks of the 17th Forum of Pontic Young People in Sumela Monastery, Vermio (Greece) on 16th-19th of July.

680 Pontic young people from Greece, Australia, Armenia, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine took part in this event. The main aim of the Forum was an appeal for unity and firmness during this hard period for Greece.

After words of gratitude for the high award Ivan Savvidi addressed to the participants of the Forum with welcome speech:

“Greeks- are great nation, which laid the ground for the Western civilization, world democracy, science and art. But we shouldn’t rest on oars and think that Greece has already fulfilled its historical mission. It is indeed regrettable if young people, the decisive generation for entire nation, live with such a feeling. Of course I understand that it is young people who bear the brunt of recent perturbations in the economy - currently 30% of population in Greece is unemployed, and 60% of unemployed- are young people. Economic crisis and political instability intensify the emigration flow. The most hopeful and educated part of the population leaves its Motherland. I ask and appeal you to stop. By leaving your Motherland you lose it and give way to those who are not patriots.”- said Ivan Savvidi and call young people for taking an active part in the Worldwide Convention of Pontic Young People, that will take place in Thessaloniki in October.

A defining feature of the 17th Forum of Pontic Young People became varied programme of entertainment: performances in Pontic, Pontic dances, songs and cuisine. The concluding chord of the Closing ceremony became flashmob of young people- the participants of the event stood in lines representing phrase “Pont is alive” («Ο Πόντος Ζει»).