Ivan Savvidi Helps to Reconstruct the Novocherkassk Cathedral

«Charitable Foundation of Ivan Savvidi» allocated one million rubles for restoration of the Lower Temple and the Ataman Chapel of the Ascension Cathedral in Novocherkassk.

The Ascension Cathedral in Novocherkassk is considered to be one of the greatest cathedrals in Russia, one of the biggest ecclesiastic buildings, second only to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow and St. Isaac Cathedral in St. Petersburg. It is not only an Orthodox cathedral but a historical monument of Don Cossacks.

In the Lower Temple- chapel named after the Blessed Virgin Holy Protection buried great people of the Don region such as generals Platov, Orlov-Denisov, Efremov and Balkanov, and also Ioann Dobrozrakov, Archbishop of Don and Novocherkassk. During Soviet period the Cathedral was hardly hit. Currently large-scale restoration works are in progress.