Greeks from Rostov Organized Rehabilitation Program for Families of Compatriots Living at the Level of Military Operations

With the assistance of «Charitable Foundation of Ivan Savvidi» more than 100 people, mainly children and old people, could recuperate in their home country.

Low-income families from the places of Greek residence- Ukrainian settlements and such cities as Donetsk and Mariupol spent several weeks of summer holidays in Greece.

«Taking into account the situation in our country, where are conducted military operations, these days became a psychological aid for us. »- say members of Greek society of Gorlovka (Ukrainian settlement).

Support program for Ukrainian compatriots started in 2014. Humanitarian supplies were destined to Southeast Ukraine, rehabilitation programs were organized in Greece and Crimea. Full-time programs of support in accommodation and employment for refugees from the military conflict zone were launched.

Nearly 90% of Greek Diaspora lives in South-East of the country. According to Ivan Savvidi, President of the Federal National-Cultural Autonomy of Greeks in Russia, Greeks from Rostov just couldn’t but help their compatriots.

«Military operations in neighboring state became our common tragedy: people die, become homeless and destitute. We communicate with Russian and Greek governments about some support for Greeks who live in the military zone. I’m glad that we can provide some rest for families in need. So they can be unalarmed about their children lives and walk down the street without fear. »