Bells Are to Ring in Church of the Annunciation

Consecration and installation of the bells on the bell-tower of the Church of the Annunciation, which is built with the support of “Charitable Foundation of Ivan Savvidi”, took place on 1st of November.

The event gathered hundreds of citizens of Rostov-on-Don. After the Rite of consecration and installation of the bells archpriest Gennady Makarenko offered condolences to family members of the victims of the plane crush in Egypt. He called everyone to pray about lost and solace for their nearest and dearest, then requiem service was held. 

Seven bells for the bell-tower of the Church of the Annunciation were moulded in Voronezh. First festive change-ringing is to take place on 4th of November.

Historical Reference

Building of the Orthodox Church of the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary is a gift to Rostov-on-Don from the Greek Diaspora and the “Charitable Foundation of Ivan Savvidi”.

Building is constructed in honour of an old Annunciation Church that was built by public subscription in 1907. In 1930s the Church was closed, later the building was used for economic needs. In 1964 the Church was knocked down, and the Puppet theatre was built there.

Modern Church of Annunciation of 28 meters high is made in Byzantine style. One of his peculiarities is a Byzantine masonry: walls are made of interchanging stone and ceramic bricks, which form beautiful polyfoil. According to experts this building is going to be a monument of architecture. Gennady Schevchenko is a main project manager.

In 2007 this place was consecrated in front of Metropolitan of Rostov and Novocherkassk Panteliemon, representatives of clergy, Rostov authorities and citizens of the city. This project was blessed by Patriarch of Russia Aleksey II.

In January 2014 main construction works were finished. Today decoration works are in progress. On the walls were set unique mosaic icons that were handworked in manufactory of covent of the Virgin Mary in Attic, Greece. The Church of the Annunciation has been opened for church people for 3 years already despite the fact that decoration works are still in progress.