The Memorial to Russian Soldier is installed in Greece

Unveiling of the memorial to Russian soldiers of the Macedonian front of the First World War took place in Greek city Florina on 19th of December.

The memorial was installed by the initiative of the Consulate General of Russia in Greece with the support of the Federal national-cultural autonomy of Russian Greeks and Charitable Foundation of Ivan Savvidi.

“We would like to express our gratitude to the nation, which was in war for our freedom and gave us an opportunity to live free”, - said Ioannis Voskopulos, mayor of Florina.

In 1916 Russia being faithful to allied trust sent 4 special brigades of 40 thousands of soldiers and military officers to help their Entente partners in Thessaloniki and France. They participated in military operations and showed bravery and courage and made contribution in successful attacks on Florina and Bitola.

«Such events are quite important now, when some countries are trying to reconsider historical facts and politically isolate Russia,- says Ivan Savvidi , president of the Federal national-cultural autonomy of Russian Greeks.- Greeks has always remembered the role of Russia in recovering independency of Greece. I’m sure that next year, which is officially claimed as Russian-Greece Bilateral Year, will consolidate our fraternal nations even more».

Sculptural composition was made by Greek sculptor Georgios Kikotis. The composition includes the monument of a soldier in accoutrement of the First World War pattern with shoulder gun, marble arrow with emblem.

First World War 1914-1918- is one of the most important events in world history that changed shape of Europe and the whole world. It was a great heroic deed and great tragedy for Russia, followed by chaos of revolution and violent struggle for power. Tenacity of Russian army helped countries of entente cordiale to stem the onslaught of enemies and gain the victory.