Russian Greeks presented Thessalonians with performances for children in Russian

New Year performances organized by the Society for Distribution of Russian Language and culture of Thessaloniki with the support of «Charitable Foundation of Ivan Savvidi» were shown to the Russian-speaking children during Christmas holidays.

«I guess that we’d managed to present our children with a fairytale,- says Anna Vafiadu, chairman of the Society for Distribution of Russian Language and culture of Thessaloniki.- We saw joy and gratitude, words of appreciation in our guest book. Many people were interested whether we are going to continue such performances. » There is an idea to hold new performances in spring, but translated ones, for children who don’t speak Russian.

«Charitable Foundation of Ivan Savvidi» carries out consistent effort to promote Russian language in Greece. In spring 2015 Charitable Foundation entered into a contract with Kapodistrias Athens State University concerning financial support of the Slavic Languages department which was under the threat of closing due to financial problems. « For ages Russia and Greece enriched cultures of each other, - says Ivan Savvidi, chairman of the foundation. - We shouldn’t let external circumstances to break these spiritual ties connecting our nations. Moreover, Russian is gaining popularity these days among Greek young people. »

2016 is claimed as Russian-Greece Bilateral Year. Common events in spheres of education, linguistic, science, cultural heritage, art and sports are included into the program of cultural exchange.