Ivan Savvidi was awarded the Order of Merit for Rostov-on-Don

Head of the Administration mentioned high performance of the agroindustrial complex in 2015, stable work of «Agrocom Group» and expressed his appreciation to Ivan Savvidi for social responsibility and contribution to the development of charity in Rostov-on-Don.

«By virtue of such leaders, who think about their city, Rostov-on-Don is in good progress, both in social and economic spheres».

Further to the decision of Rostov- on-Don City Duma citizens are awarded the «Order of Merit for Rostov-on-Don» for special contribution to the development of Rostov-on-Don and high achievements in productive-economic, social-cultural, social and charitable activities. Head of Rostov Administration makes decision on awarding an order.

A citizen can be awarded an order of Merit for Rostov-on-Don once only having other awards of Rostov-on-Don.