Ivan Savvidi’s address for the opening ceremony of the Russia-Greece cross-year

Dear compatriots! Dear friends! Russia-Greece cross year was launched at the national level. This is an event of great importance for the Greek diaspora in Russia.

Greece is our historical homeland. Russia has become second homeland for many representatives of Greek diaspora. Cross-year of Russia and Greece is a chance to give proper respect to centuries-old cultural history of these two countries, connected by traditional friendship and mutual help, which have common spirituality, based at the Orthodox faith.

I hope that all events of the cross-year, despite complicated political situation in the world, will facilitate further enclosure of Russia and Greece, open up new horizons for bilateral contact and give a new impulse to development of cooperation in different spheres of interstate relations. Federal National-Cultural autonomy of Greeks in Russia takes an active part in all events which are held at the national and regional levels.

I am sure that together we can do everything to make Russia-Greece cross-year a significant event in life of Russia and Greece and leave a large footprint in history of our fraternal nations.

President of the Federal National-Cultural Autonomy of the Greeks of Russia, 

Ivan Savvidi