«Agrocom Group» resumed company’s results for 2015

*Financial highlights are given on the basis of the weighted average exchange rate of EURO in 2015.

Total gross sales of «Agrocom Group» grew by 27% and amounts 1089, 6 million EUROS.

EBITDA – 135,4 million EUROS.

Annual tax assignments into the country budget- 562,7 million EUROS. In 2014 this figure amounted 456,6 million EUROS.

Package business-complex (PCF «Atlantis-Pak» LLC)

«Atlantis-Pak» is а recognized leader on the market of packaging for meat products and cheese and belongs to the top global companies producing plastic sausage casing.

In 2015 gross sales amounts to 110,8 million EUROS. Total net sales made 99 million EUROS.

Total export sales- 43,5 million EUROS.

EBITDA-36,7 million EUROS, that is 56% higher than last year’s figure.

Sales geography covers more than 82 countries of the world: America, Europe, countries of Southeast Asia, Africa and CIS states. Company continues to expand into new territories such as Malaysia, Iran, Austria and Croatia

Tobacco business-complex

«Donskoy Tabak»- is the largest Russian tobacco manufacturer. Company was founded more than 155 years ago. Parent company is located in Rostov.

At a time when market is contracted (by 7,8% all over Russia at the level of last year) «Donskoy tabak» maintains the forth market position, increased its market share by 0, 7% up to the level of 9,5%.

The volume of output amounts 32, 9 billion cigarettes in 2015.

Total volume of sales- 33,1 billion cigarettes.

Brand portfolio of the company contains more than 120 brands of tobacco products. Sales geography: Russia and export markets.

Leaders of the total sales pattern- brands «Donskoy tabak», «Kiss», «PLAY», «Continent», «Armada».

Total volume of export sales amounts to 6,05 billion cigarettes.

Main export markets: Abkhazia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan. In 2015 new export markets were developed: Belgium, Palestine, Paraguay, and Nigeria.

Gross volume of sales grew by 33% to the level 829, 3 million EUROS.

Total net sales- 256,5 million EUROS.

EBITDA made 82,9 million EUROS.

Volume of tax payments grew by 24% and amounts to 525, 5 million EUROS.

Meat business-complex (Group of companies «TAVR»)

Group of companies «TAVR» is the largest meat processor in South of Russia. Group incorporates stock-raising enterprise, slaughter houses, sausage factories, company trade network.

In 2015 volume of output made more than 45 thousand of tones of sausage and ready-to-cook foods.

Product range amounts 205 items.

17 new products were introduced in 2015.

Geography of sales covers South of Russia, Crimea and Saint Petersburg. Market share in Southern Federal District- 17,2%.

Other business-projects:

«Akva-Don», LLC

In 2015 company produced 28,7 million of bottles.

Total volume of sales is about-28,8 million of bottles.

EBITDA- 0,39 million EUROS.


Total gross sales-1,1 million EUROS.

EBITDA-0,12 million EUROS.