Ivan Savvidi mentioned 5 main problems of Greek investment development

«You should revert back to Karl Marx if you’re against investment», - said businessman in the course of the meeting with members of Greek Parliament.

According to «World and Omonia» business weekly

On 12th of April took place the meeting of Greek Diaspora and members of parliament, where one of the most important questions of Greek economy was discussed- investment environment of the country, its problems and objectives. Ivan Savvidi, Russian businessman, leader of Russian and FSU Greeks, became one of the most important guests of that meeting. In his report were outlined systemic errors, rectification of which can improve economic situation in Greece.

«I represent triune opinion- as Pontian Greek, guest and Greek, - he said, putting emphasis upon universality of his point of view. Do we, Greeks abroad, have any right to meddle in the domestic affairs of Greece? I think we not only can but also have to do it. Greece can resolve its problems only in close cooperation with Diaspora. But Diaspora is an underestimated resource in its historical Motherland.»

The key moment of the parliamentary meeting was an issue of encouragement of investment of Greeks Abroad. Members of parliament discussed whether foreign investors should have rights similar to investors of Diaspora. Ivan Savvidi however was concerned with systemic errors, rectification of which can improve economic situation in Greece.

Savvidi mentioned five main problems which have an adverse effect on Greek investment environment. He had experienced consequences of these problems several times. Lack of governmental support, detention of necessary documents and permissions, and in the frameworks of this problem, bureaucratic abuse; inability to plan some actions and defective practice of tax reporting; absence of protection for owners; exaggerated rights of trade unions.

«Investors won’t come in country, where politics intentionally incorrect towards external competitors». – said businessman.

According to Ivan Savvidi legislation should turn to investors. «One contact» principle should be recorded in legislation in the nearest future, if members of parliament are concerned with ability of Greece to come out of a recession and develop.

At the end of Mr. Savvidi’s speech some members of parliament expressed positive opinion, but others asked thorny questions. For example, some of them were surprised by his comment about exaggerated rights of the trade unions, because someone has to protect workpeople. Mr. Savvidi gave response: «We should speak about real life. And understand that there are the poor and the rich, and it is inevitable. You should revert back to Karl Marx if you’re against investment. I can tell a lot concerning rights of the workpeople. I can only recommend you to visit my enterprises, where rights of the work people are really protected. There is no chaos and abuse. And now we are speaking about the investment environment that is why I tell you about problems that should be resolved. People should work. Greece needs working places. Migration should be stopped. Youth unemployment is about 60%. You should ask investors to create new working places; it is the most important object. People have to work and be socially protected».

Ivan Savvidi answered several questions of business weekly «World and Omonia» after debates in parliament:

-Mr. Savvidi do you think that inflow of investments is the only way for Greece to come out of a recession?

-Yes, I think so. Anyway we have to understand that there is no way to make economy competitive and provide people with social benefits without proper investment. That is why legislation now should be oriented at the priority of investment.

-What is the situation with pensions of repatriates today?

-Government promised to resolve this problem. And it will be if new political crisis doesn’t occur.