Ivan Savvidi’s Address for Pontian Greek Genocide Remembrance Day

Dear brothers and sisters!

On 19th of May, Pontian Greek Genocide Remembrance Day I think with a heavy heart of sacred land of our predecessors.

My family is originally from village Santa, not far from Trapezous. Courage of strong, rebellious and fearless people of Santa, among which were my ancestors lay the foundation for legends.

100 years have passed since that awful tragedy, and today I experience tragedy of my nation again- I can see destroyed villages, women and children killed, columns of refugees, endless strings of people dipping below the horizon.

Inherited memory helps us to feel pain of our predecessors, which were expelled, murdered and eliminated. But I am proud of my nation- their spirit was unbroken in spite of all hardships, they managed to preserve their national dignity, faith and language.

I am sure that our common duty to our fathers’ memory is to do everything possible for recognition and condemnation of crimes against innocent population of Pontus, because our attitude toward past determines our future. Preserving memory of such tragedies we can preserve world from new crimes against humanity.

Ivan Savvidi