Russian Language and Culture Department in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki will be founded with the support of «Charitable Foundation of Ivan Savvidi»

Appropriate agreement was signed on 20th of May in Thessaloniki.

Study will start in 2nd half-year of new academic year. Hiring of higher-education teaching personnel is in progress now. In the frameworks of curriculum students can choose such disciplines as history of Russia, literature and Russian language.

«Foundation of the Department Russian language and literature in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is not only a tribute for long-lasting friendship and spiritual ties of our countries, but also long-awaited event. There are more than 300 thousands of citizens of former USSR descent, who speak Russian language as native one. Also study of Russian language, history and culture will provide Greek students with all skills which they can use in terms of developing economic relations between Russia and Greece.»- Ivan Savvidi mentioned in the course of press-conference.

The agreement also presupposes the foundation of Pontic Greek History Department and Centre of Pontic research on its base. 

According to Ivan Savvidi study of history of Pontic Greeks needs scientific approach and expert estimate of tragic events which took place in Asia Minor at the beginning of 20th century. «I think that this question is important not only for Greek problematic, but significant for all Orthodox Christians », - said Mr. Savvidi.

Periklis Mitkas, principal of the university, expressed his appreciation to Ivan Savvidi for cooperation and emphasized an importance of this event in the light of the 100th anniversary of the Genocide of Pontic Greeks and Russia-Greece bilateral year. Mr. Mitkas gave promise to visit Rostov-on-Don and take part in scientific conference «Aristotle Readings», which will take place in Southern Federal University.

Realization of common projects in the sphere of higher education is one of the most important objects of the Federal National-Cultural Autonomy of Russian Greeks. Preparation programs for professors of New Greek language, issue of courseware, conferences and language contests are launched with the support of the Federal National-Cultural Autonomy of Russian Greeks.

In April this year was founded department of New Greek Language Study in Southern Federal University. Cooperation with Kapodistrias Athens State University helped to save the Slavic Languages department, where 400 students learn today.