The 5th Billiard Tournament for Ivan Savvidi’s Prize Has Started

160 sportsmen from 9 countries will compete for the prize- 5 billion ROUBLES.

The tournament will take place in Rostov-on-Don since 19th till 24th of September. The prize fund is formed Total prize fund of the tournament, supported by «Charitable Foundation of Ivan Savvidi» and «Agrocom Group» will be divided among 16 best sportsmen.

The President of Southern Russian Federation of Billiard Ivan Savvidi said that it was a great pleasure for him to be art and part in such an event and expressed his hopes for growth of the total prize fund.

The chairman of the Organizing Committee Nikolay Sysoev expressed gratitude to Ivan Savvidi for his active support of sports.

The tournament is aimed at the popularization of billiard, advance of sportsmen’s mastership, strengthening of international sport ties and identification of best sportsmen.