Ivan Savvidi congratulated Greeks on «Ochi Day».

It was 76 years ago but every year on October 28th we think of great deed of Greek patriots who launched a challenge against fascism.

This day fills our hearts with complicated feelings- grief, compassion, pride and nobility.

Reminiscence of those days makes an appeal to morality, gives us an opportunity to remember heroes who stood for freedom of the Motherland and gave Greeks their right to live, work, create and be joyful.

The struggle against the Italian invaders cost thousand lives of our compatriots. The whole world was amazed by their courage and selflessness. And we will always remember the patriots of Greece who fought fascism and bewail the death of heroes. We will always remember that awful war and do everything in power to prevent the recurrence of such tragedies.

An imperishable memory of Greek heroes.

Ivan Savvidi

President of the Federal National Cultural Autonomy of Russian Greeks