Ivan Savvidi's address on the Pontian Greek Genocide Remembrance Day

Dear brothers and sisters!

Every year as we approach the Pontian Greek Genocide Remembrance Day we can’t help but go back 100 years –mentally follow mountain trails to our predecessors’ houses, visualize big happy families, contemplate beauty of our churches…

Our hearts are torn apart every year from realization of tragic final of the centuries-old Greek history of Pont.

Genocide Remembrance Day brings us back to basic values which form Pontian temper- courage, national dignity, and unconditional love to our Motherland.

This day there is a common heartbeat of million Pontian hearts separated by a great distance. We have preserved our nation despite all hardships and feel proud saying «I am Pontios»!

Much has already been done to let the whole world know about the Asia Minor Catastrophe and there is much more to be done. And this cannot be said often enough – our efforts will be a hundred times more effective if find the strength to unite around our common goal- the worldwide recognition of the Pontian Greek Genocide.

Discussion and public condemnation of crimes against the humanity can save world from any repetition of terrible mistakes.

Let us never forget innocent thousands murdered! May the Lord keep us from upheavals and war!