International conference «Pontus and Cyprus: one history, one pain» supported by «Charitable Foundation of Ivan Savvidi» was held

Larnaka hosted the conference on 17 May.

The aim of the conference was the development of a scientific approach to studies of problem of victimization of indigenous people and crimes against the humanity.

The conference was attended by President of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis. In his speech President Anastasiadis noted that he had come «to support common fight of the Pontic Greeks and Cypriotes against Ottoman attempts to change national and religious nature of our regions and share common historical pain».

Ivan Savvidi in his address on the Pontian Genocide Remembrance day stressed the relevance and urgency of the conference agenda. «100 years have passed but Pontian genocide is yet to be condemned and recognized by the world community. So-called Cyprus question also remains unresolved. Today in a challenging political environment, generating new military conflicts and fuelling risk of terrorist threat, the discussion of reasons and consequences of past tragedies is quite important», he said.

The conference was held on the sidelines of the worldwide action « We remember» marking the Pontian Genocide Remembrance Day.